Kites in Love

February is the ideal month to celebrate Kites in Love, since we also observe Valentine’s Day. You may be wondering, “What do kites have to do with being in love?” The answer is simple:

Kites can express anything you want them to, including the affections of love.

Pete's Kite Shop, Kites in Love, Red Heart Kite Flying

There are so many ways that our culture celebrates Valentine’s Day. No one way is the right activity to engage in with your lover on this day. Nor do you have to limit your expressions of love towards intimate partners. Show love to everyone this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to shop at Pete’s Kite Shop!

Have you been looking for a way to share some kite fun with your loved ones?

Here are some great ideas for sharing kites with the ones you love:

Fly a Kite

Lovers string their kite tails and allow their sails to blow in the wind. As kites criss-cross across the sky, a new imagination and love is brought to life in the minds of the lovers. Love has been born.

Flying a kite with a loved one on a breezy day is a perfect way to share a freeing and hopeful experience with a partner. Not only can you run and play like children as you send your flier into the wind, but you can also discuss hopes and dreams in the quiet of your very own world.

Kites have many purposes, so don’t forget the purpose of sharing a special moment. Make a memory, and cherish it as priceless.

Build A Kite

Being an adult in love on Valentine’s Day means hearts, chocolates and flowers, among many other traditional staples for this Day for Lovers. However, it’s not just the adults who are encouraged to partake in the fun.

Building a kite with a child you love on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to spend the day!

Pete's Kite Shop, Kid Flying a Kite, Kites and Children

Here is a guide to building your very own kite at home with your child! Remember, children want to spend time with you. Whether your kite is successful at flying or not, the point is to just spend time in imagination with your young Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There are so many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you involve kites or not, be sure to enjoy this special day with the ones you love. Spring is on it’s way and you will be  presented with many opportunities to show some Kite Love soon!

So have a great Valentine’s Day and stop by Pete’s Kite Shop again!

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