Why YOU Should Become a Kite Enthusiast

If you think of kites as a whimsical children’s-only activity, you are missing out!

Not only does the flight of a kite express our innocence, but it also offers a sign of hope and freedom for creativity and dreams to soar!

-Anonymous Kite Enthusiast

Have you ever wondered, “Why should I care about kites?” If so, here’s your answer!

kite inspirational quote

The Symbolism of the Kite

Kite enthusiasts enjoy much more than a flight while launching their kite to the skies.  They appreciate the rising symbolism of hope for humanity and spiritual freedom from cares and worries. Kite enthusiasts honor that the kite represents much more than a family activity.

Kite symbolism can be whatever you want it to be. Here are a few examples of kites and their symbolism:

inspirational kite quote, winston churchill, kites rise highest against the wind, not with it

Kites Serve Many Purposes

While the origination of the kite is unknown, the first historical records of kite’s existing depicted them as being used in religious and spiritual practices. After the kite was brought from Buddhist missionaries to Japan, the Japanese started finding more practical purposes for them. One example of how kites were used in Japanese history was in the construction of many shrines and temples. Large kites were used to lift building materials up to workers on higher levels and roofs. Brilliant!

Here are some other ways that we see kites serving many purposes:

  • “Kites have been used for human flight, military applications, science and meteorology, photography, lifting radio antennas, generating power, aerodynamics experiments, and much more!”
  • “Men like Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Wilson used their knowledge of kite flying to learn more about the wind and weather.”
  • Kites are an essential part of kitesurfing, where the surfer hangs onto the kite line connected to a high traction kite, while standing on a surfboard in a body of water.”

The Kite Enthusiast

Many adults are kite enthusiasts and don’t even realize it!

If you enjoy the pure experience of flying a kite, appreciate its finely crafted architecture, understand some of kite symbolism or even have purchased your very own kite from Pete’s Kite Shop; YOU MAY ALREADY BE A KITE ENTHUSIANT!

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