How Do I Shop for My Perfect Kite?

There are so many sizes, shapes, colors, styles and options when it comes to choosing your perfect kite! The hardest decision to make when shopping for a kite is to choose a piece of art personal to the buyer. After all, this kite will allow for imagination to go wild when in the right hands. Pete from Pete’s Kite Shop wants to help you choose your perfect match in a kite! Contact Pete @ Pete’s Kite Shop today to find your perfect kite!

Kite Tails Add Even More Fun!

Kite tails can be added to any kite to add eye appeal and adjust speed and direction of the kite, although tails are not necessary to fly a kite. It is best to do some research before purchasing a kite, especially if it is your first kite. Also, there are many design factors that come into the equation. Ranging from single, dual and quad line style kites, your choice in configurations area endless! Even the most experienced flyer has a big task in deciding on the right kite.

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Kite tails are important for a kite to fly in the desired direction working with and against the wind.

Basic Types of Kites

There are three basic types of kites: a single line kite, a stunt kite, and a power kite. Read on to learn some basic information about all three basic types of kites, courtesy of Pete’s Kite Shop! Remember, kites are a piece of art, so every piece will have different meaning and value depending o n the eye and feel of the beholder.

Single Line Kites

Single line kites are the easiest type of kite to fly. The more complex the design, the more skill is required for the kite to fly. One example of an easy kite to fly is the “Charlie Brown” triangle design. Single line kites are not just for a novice, there is a grand nostalgia in flying a simple design!

Stunt Kites

Stunt kites require more skill to fly than single line kites. Stunt kites are very quick as well as responsive. Make sure when shopping for a kite that you get one as indestructible as possible. Stunt kites crash often at high speeds. Therefore, they need to be crafted for an extreme level of abuse. This factor can make it very expensive.  If you really dig stunts, lean towards a ballet style kite, they will float and dance to your every command!

Power Kites

Just as the name implies, power kites generate power as they are some of the largest most powerful kites available. Do not launch giant power kites into the wind – you could get injured! The best advice Pete’s Kite Shop can suggest is to ask lots of questions but remember people can be biased and partial to their favorite brand. In the end, use your own best judgment, as that will serve you the most good.

How Do I Find My Perfect Kite?

Contact Pete’s Kite Shop today and Pete will help answer questions and provide you with the perfect kite today!